Executive Committee

The Reinsurance Research Council annually elects an Executive Committee to manage its operations. The Executive Committee consists of five elected representatives: Chairman, President, Secretary/Treasurer, 2 Executives at large.

The Executive Committee members for 2017/2018 are:

Pierre Dionne
Senior Vice President and Chief Agent
Caisse Centrale de RĂ©assurance

Jean-Raymond Kingsley
Odyssey Reinsurance Company

Caroline Kane
Senior Vice President & Chief Agent
The Toa Reinsurance Company of America

Member at large
Brian Reeve
Chief Agent
Aspen Reinsurance

Member at large
Chris Walton
Chief Agent
General Reinsurance Corporation

Finance Committee

The committee is responsible for monitoring matters of financial, taxation and non-underwriting topics, or topics of similar nature and importance to members.

Underwriting Research Committee

This committee is very active in reviewing market developments and monitoring situations which may affect the reinsurance market in Canada. It is also responsible for the development of technical bulletins on behalf of the RRC for distribution to its members.